Ida B. Wells Continuation High School


Garden History
First Year: 2005
In the mid 1990s, math teacher Mr. Hughes and art teacher Ms. Estes started a garden at Ida B. Wells. The school is on a steep slope and they had a huge volunteer effort where they built terraces with garden beds. But over time, finding time and volunteers to maintain the garden proved difficult without outside support. Located across the street from iconic Alamo Square, Ida B. Wells received a small grant from the Alamo Square Neighborhood Association (ASNA) to help revitalize the garden. The volunteers from the ASNA took on the front portion of the school and worked with students to make it an ornamental garden. They hired Abby as an afterschool garden educator where she was a liaison between ASNA volunteers and the students. The garden has grown over the years to be an integral part of the school, after school and cooking program on campus, and this is our only site with honey bees. In the Fall 2010, we harvested over 30 lbs of honey from our hive!

Garden Educator
Raul Hernandez
raul AT

School Address
1099 Hayes Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
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