International Studies Academy (ISA)

Garden History
First Year: 2008
After working with Urban Sprouts at Luther Burbank Middle School, after school coordinator Suzanne Medina wanted to bring the school garden experience to her new job at ISA. Thanks to San Francisco's Department of the Environment, which offers grants specifically for projects in the Potrero Hill Neighborhood, Urban Sprouts received funding to start a gardening program at ISA. A group of students who were also transitioning from Burbank to ISA really spearheaded the garden program at their new school. ISA's unique, seminar format classes allow for longer, more in depth lessons about the whole food system. Urban Sprouts pioneered its Farmer's in Residence Program here at ISA, which gives families the opportunity to work with our garden educator and plant their own plots to grow food. In the fall of 2011, Urban Sprouts will be moving its garden to a brand new, recently renovated location on the school campus.

Garden Educator
Raul Hernandez
raul AT

School Address
655 De Haro Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
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