Log Cabin Ranch

Garden History
First Year: 2009
Log Cabin Ranch is a residential juvenile detention facility run by San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department, in the town of La Honda, about 45 miles south down the California coast. 24 young men ages 16-17 years old live and attend school on the property. There used to be a large horticulture program at Log Cabin, where students grew seedlings that San Francisco used as ornamental plants. Over the years, the program lost funding and the gardening program was abandoned. Various people within the SF Juvenile Probation Department tried to find ways to bring a garden program back to the site. Urban Sprouts was brought on in 2009 and has since built two large gardens and partners with the San Francisco Conservation Corps to help these young men gain skills and training in basic gardening and carpentry.

Garden Educator
Samuel Morales Cotto
samuel AT urbansprouts.org

School Address
One Log Cabin Ranch Rd
La Honda, CA 94120